Fruit centrepiece soap

This is my first attempt at making soap using soap dough. My design came from a typical Roman fruit centrepiece and so included red and green grapes, figs, pears and berries but with a golden pear πŸ™‚

The formulation (#4 soap challenge club) incorporated milk, which was the first time I have used milk in any of my soaps. I used a lot of natural colourants, some of which are nettle root powder, green clay, matcha powder, charcoal to name just a few.  There is also a delicate touch of gold leaf on the pear πŸ™‚ 

This soap is quite different to any soap I’ve made before and, as such, I have learnt a new skill, which I will develop and make new soap designs. 

17 thoughts on “Fruit centrepiece soap

  1. This is so impressive, Catherine!! Definitely doesn’t look like any soap I’ve ever seen before! The gold leaf is an excellent touch, along with the natural colorants – very elegant!

  2. When I first saw this I thought it looked just like some of the lovely floral centerpieces I have seen, but much more beautiful! I love all the incredible detail and special touches, like the gold. You did a fabulous job on this!

  3. Very pretty ! I love the colours you achieved and the gold is just the right touch!! Best of luck!

  4. This is so decadent, I love it! This is one I’d be afraid to use, it would end up on a shelf as an art piece! Amazing job.

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