Hello my name is Catherine Jane Norman and I love to make soap!

Ever since I was little I have always had a fascination with soap, I used to love collecting them. Whenever I went to a new place I would always have my eye wandering for gorgeous types of different soap.

As I grew up I left this behind and became a scientist. It was only until an accidental trip down memory lane one weekend in the loft that I came across my old soap collection again. It was at that point that not only did my childhood memories come flooding back but I also realised that I now possess all the skills to actually be able to create my own.

How they are made
Each batch of soap I create are all carefully designed, formulated and illustrated on paper first before they are handmade in small batches. All my soaps are made with as many natural ingredients as possible using my own formulations that have been meticulously developed. A qualified chemist has certified all formulations in accordance to UK and EU regulations.