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Catherine Jane follows her own carefully planned design and formulation based on raw, natural ingredients packed with skin loving properties to produce a beautiful, fine bar of soap that will not only look great but is kind to the skin and the environment.

Large commercial companies produce soap that is different in a variety of ways. Glycerine is a natural by-product of the soap making process and a natural humectant giving moisturising benefits. Commercial companies tend to strip soap of glycerine to extend the shelf life and also to sell on to be used in other products. Taking the glycerine out creates a harsh soap that will dry out skin and may lead you to buying further lotions to hydrate your skin. Handmade soaps have a high content of natural moisturising glycerine.

To aid the moisturising ability of the soap further soap made by Catherine Jane has excess plant oils in the soap, which is called ‘super fatting’. This increases the moisturising and emollient properties of the soap. Commercial companies do not do this as it decreases the shelf life of the soap.

Soap made with natural ingredients is better for the environment, our health and skin. Commercial soap is full of synthetic chemicals like dyes, foaming agents, fragrances and preservatives to add to the shelf life and this all gets washed away into our rivers and ponds having negative effects on the wildlife as not all chemicals get removed from our waste treatment system. The chemicals are also bad for our health and irritating to our skin. They dry out our skin and make it feel tight, as no moisturising glycerine has been left in it. The natural ingredients I use have natural therapeutic benefits for the skin and the mind. Essential oils are well known for their use in aromatherapy and helping skin ailments. Essential oils have antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant and stimulating properties to name only a few.

Commercial companies mainly use soap bases and they are full of chemicals. I use only raw, natural plant oils and butters full of antioxidants and holding cleansing, conditioning, moistening and nourishing benefits. Rice bran oil is a lovely oil that’s good for mature, delicate and sensitive skin. With an abundance of vitamin E and B and being a free radical scavenger.

Using natural clays and powders gives soap great benefits. Clays are well known for their detoxifying abilities, removing oils and impurities and acting as a natural exfoliant. They are superb for oily skin types. Activated charcoal is also well known for its ability to absorb toxins, remove oils, impurities and dead skin cells helping to eliminate acne. It’s an excellent exfoliant and good for dry, cracked skin.

Using salts in soap has enormous benefits as they contain so many trace minerals with therapeutic benefits to the skin. Salts are detoxifying, antibacterial and relieve irritated skin. I can also add a touch of elegance and glamour to any soap by adding silk amino acids, gold leaf, wine, purees, champagne even, all with their own skin benefits.

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