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I believe in quality and producing a piece of work to the best it can be and this is shown through my soap in many ways. Unlike large commercial soap making companies that use synthetic chemicals that are bad for the skin and the environment, I only use natural skin nourishing ingredients.

Product quality
I plan carefully and formulate using raw, natural, vegan ingredients that contain an array of skin loving properties. I work in small batches, by hand, measuring precise quantities to give every soap the upmost care and attention, quality checking every batch by hand and by pH test. All my formulations have been certified by a qualified chemist to current regulations.

Natural Ingredients
I use natural plant oils, butters and infusions full of antioxidants and holding cleansing, moisturising and nourishing benefits; rice bran oil naturally is excellent for mature, sensitive skin and packed with vitamins. Essential oils are well known for their use in aromatherapy and helping skin ailments with their antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant and stimulating properties to name only a few. Clays are well known for their detoxifying abilities, removing oils and impurities and acting as a natural exfoliant. They are superb for oily skin types. Salts are a great addition as they are packed with minerals, detoxifying, antibacterial and relieve irritated skin.

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