Not all handmade soaps you can buy have the same quality, why?
Just like not all chocolate has the same quality. To make a high quality bar of soap you need the science knowledge and understanding of soap chemistry to formulate using a selection of oils and butters that give a soap unique properties. My soaps are not only designed to look great but formulated to be kind to skin, lather well, to be silky, cleansing, gentle, nourishing, creamy and to leave your skin feeling clean and soft.

I make soaps with the finest, most luxurious ingredients, to make the perfect bar of soap. I do not use any ready made, mass produced soap bases in my products. All soaps are made from scratch using cold process and hot process methods.

Do your soaps comply with cosmetic regulations?
All soaps made by Catherine Jane fully comply with all current legislation governing the manufacture of cosmetics in the UK and EU. All soaps are manufactured in a GMP environment and pH batch tested. All formulations have been certified by a qualified chemist to current UK and EU Regulations. This ensures all my soaps are made to a high standard and are safe to use. All labelling uses appropriate Latin style INCI naming standards for ingredients.

Will all the soaps I order look identical?
Not all handmade soaps look the same. I work in small batches, by hand, therefore each batch may look slightly different but that contributes to the overall appeal of the handmade experience. The design work, making the soap and packaging by hand will all contribute to a very unique soap.

Do you use any chemicals or animal products to make your soaps?
All soaps are natural and vegan friendly but there maybe the odd soap that has beeswax or honey in if you check the label. There are no chemicals in any soaps. I use only essential oils and no fragrances whatsoever. Fragrance oils can be irritating to the skin.

Where are your soaps suitable to use?
My soaps are suitable for the face and body but I do formulate soap bars that are more suitable for the face and more gentle. Avoid contact with eyes, for external use only. If your soap has any botanical surface flowers, such as roses or star anise, you may wish to remove them before using the soap.

What if I have allergies?
All allergens are written on the soap label so if you have sensitivities to any essential oils, nut oils or any other allergy, please check the label. I always recommend doing a patch test on your skin as you would with hair dye. If you are pregnant you should avoid certain essential oils, if not all.

Do you cater for different skin types?
I formulate soaps for different skin types, whether dry, oily, acne prone, sensitive etc.

How do I store my soap?
Handmade soaps contain glycerine, a natural humectant, therefore absorbs moisture from the surroundings. The higher the humidity, the more moisture the soap can attract and you may notice little beads of moisture on the surface, which doesn’t affect the quality of the soap and its fine for use. Glycerine in handmade soaps is very moisturising. When you wash with handmade soap a thin layer of glycerine is left behind helping to keep your skin hydrated. To avoid the moisture beads you can store your soap before use in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. Storing in this way and out of direct sunlight will also extend the life of the natural colours in your soap.

Do you use palm oil in your soaps?
Catherine Jane is an animal friendly and environment friendly company. Some recipes do use palm oil and some are palm free. Any palm oil used has been sustainably sourced.

Do you cater for other events apart from weddings?
I make favours for any event e.g. baby shower, hen shower, corporate events etc. I also make bridal gifts to give to the happy couple, the bridesmaids… mother of the bride and for any other event or birthday, Christmas, Mothers day gift. Do get in touch and enquire.

Do your soaps have an expiry?
Recommend usage for within 6 months to use the soap at its best. Essential oils lose their potency after a short time, around 3-6 months but this doesn’t affect the soap itself. To prolong the life of the essential oil, store your soap in its original packaging in a dark, dry place at room temperature before use. When the soap is in use, let your soap sit on a soap dish drainer to prolong the life of your soap.

Delivery – I deliver free in Essex, thereafter there is a charge per mile and any parking/toll costs to be added to invoice.

How far in advance to order?
Early as possible but at least 8 weeks before the event to give me time to go over any design with you, make the soap and have time for the soap to cure.

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